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Christoph Frederick Hermann (aka Herman) Kornrumpf and Dorothea Grosse (Kornrumpf) in Göttingen, where Herman operated a successful business (see Göttingen).

Probably Herman Kornrumpf's children in 1898, just before Amalie and Paul left for America. Photo taken in Göttingen.

Herman's daughter, Amalia Kornrumpf (Cares) and her husband, Rev. Franz Cares. Photo taken in Saginaw, MI.

Richard Pappe and Henrietta Mathilda Louise (aka Louise) Kornrumpf (Pappe) and Richard Pappe. Photo taken in Göttingen, Germany about 1880.  


Gerhard (aka Franz) Kornrumpf and Anna Kock (Kornrumpf) in Port Huron, Michigan, about 1900.

Anna Kock (Kornrumpf). Photo taken in Port Huron, MI.

Sons of Franz Kornrumpf, August and Ernest. Photo taken in Port Huron, MI.

Helen Eggert and Ernest Kornrumpf wedding, about 1900.


Charlotte Kornrumpf (Engel). Photo taken in Pratt KS about 1885. Charlotte lived a few miles north of Pratt in Rattlesnake (Hudson), KS. Later the lived in Wisconsin, then homestead in Oklahoma Territory in 1900.

EmilKornrumpf (1857-1903) and Rosa O'Neil (Kornrumpf) (1859- 1895), about 1880. Emil was the son of Johannes Kornrumpf (1828), who immigrated about 1850. Emil was born in Port Huron, MI but later moved to New York. The relationship between the two Kornrumpf families in Port Huron is unknown. (Photo provided by Chuck Purkiss)

Dora Kornrumpf (Winter) (1846-1952). Dora was the daughter of Wilhelm Kornrumpf (b. 1809) , who immigrated with his family in 1856 and settled in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo provided by Gary Todd)

Della Kornrumpf (Storms) (1878-1958), daughter of Edward Kornrumpf (b. 1846), who immigrated in 1856 with his parents, Wilhelm and Caroline Kornrumpf Della was born in Brackett, Texas. (Photo provided by Bruce Gill)


Charlotte Kornrumpg (Engel) and Ferdinand Entel. This photo was taken in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, about 1900 - 1905. (Photo provided by the descendants of Charlotte Kornurmpf)

A photographer from Pratt KS took the photo of this little house on the prairie in the mid 1880s. The woman in the photo is probably Charlotte Kornrumpf (Engel) and Ferdinand Engel

Charlotte Kornrumpf (Engel) and two of her nine children died in a tornado in southwest Oklahoma 1905. These are believed to be five of her six surviving daughters, about 1910.

Louise Kornrumpf Pappe and her family in Kingfisher, Oklahoma Territory, about 1893. More info on the Pappe Homepage.

Gertrude Engel Bahr (1880 - 1935), first of Charlotte Kornrumpf Engel's eight daughters, with husband, Richard Bahr and children (L to R) Fred, Rosalie, Albert and Lourinda (infant). The Bahr family lived in Wisconsin.
(Photo provided by the descendants of Charlotte Kornrumpf)

Pearl Engel Lowrey, third of Charlotte Kornrumpf Engel's eight daughters, with husband Emory Lowrey and daughters Thelma, Valerie and Lahoma. The Lowrey family lived in Kingfisher, OK. The photo was taken about 1911 in Kingfisher, OK.

Louise Kornrumpf (Pappe) and husband, Richard Pappe in Pratt, KS, about 1885.

Molly Glaeser (Mahavier) (1873), about 1900. Molly wa the daughter of Auguste Kornrumpf (Glaeser) who was born in Klein Lengden in 1849 and immigrated in 1856 with her parents and siblings. They settled in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo provided by Meg McLemore)

Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm "Willi" Kornrumpf (1809-1881), about 1880. Willi was born in Gross Lengden but he emigrated in 1856 with his wife and seven children, who were all born in Klein Lengden. They settled in San Antonio, Texas. Later generations changed their name to Kornrum.
(Photo provided by Gary Todd)

Christine Caroline (Bleyer) Kornrumpf (1813-1904), about 1895. Caroline was the wife of Willi Kornrumpf (1809-1881). The family emigrated in 1858.

(Photo provided by Gary Todd)


Unidentified #3

Unidentified #2
Photo was taken in the same studio as the photo of Richard Pappe and Louise Kornrumpf

Unidentified #1
Early photo, probably in 1870s or 1880s

Unidentifeid #4
The man looks somewhat like Franz Kornrumpf, but the woman does not look like Anna. The photo was taken in Brockway Center, MI, which was the neighboring township west of Greenwood Township, where Franz and Anna lived.

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