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     Gross Lengden, Germany

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Gross Lengden-2.jpg
Ev. Church and school

Gross Lengden-3
View from the road

Gross Lengden-4
Willi Kornrumpf's house

Gross Lengden-5
Otto Kornrumpf's house

Gross Lengden-7
Evangelical Church

Gross Lengden-8
Old barn

Gross Lengden-9
Karl Kornrumpf's house

Gross Lengden-10

Gross Lengden-6

Gross Lengden-12

Gross Lengden – a village near Göttingen in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany. Kornrumpfs have lived in this village since 1639 when Cyriacus Kornrumpf moved here from the Eichsfeld region. These photographs were taken in Gross Lengden in June 2001..

Gross Lengden Kornrumpf War Casualties


Willi Kornrumpf
18 May 1915

Willi Kornrumpf
19 June 1916

Wilh Kornrumpf
27 May 1918

Gross Lengden-11
War Memorial

Karl Kornrumpf
11 April 1945

Willi Kornrumpf
27 Dec.1947

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