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     Immigration Ship
      Henry Nieland's Arrival in America

When Henry Nieland emigrated from Germany, he traveled on a ship named the SS Tarifa. The Tarifa sailed from Liverpool, England, stopped in Queenstown, Ireland and landed in Boston, Massachusetts on August 23, 1869. Although we have not yet found the immigration records for Henry's two sisters, it is probable that they traveled to America on similar steamships.

The SS Tarifa was a steam powered ship, but also had provision for sailing by wind. There were two masts and one steam funnel. Henry traveled in the third class compartment, also known as "steerage." The following is a description of the SS Tarifa.

"The "Tarifa" was built for the British & North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. which later became Cunard Steamship Co. She was an iron built ship launched on January 12, 1865 by J & G Thomson of Glasgow. She was 2058 gross tons, length 292.5 ft. x beam 38.2 ft., clipper stem, one funnel, two masts, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. There was accommodation for 50 first and 650 third class passengers. She made her maiden voyage on July 22, 1865 from Liverpool to New York and then, from 1865 to 1871 sailed mostly between Liverpool, Queenstown and NY, often with stops at Boston. Transferred on April 11, 1871 to the Liverpool-Queenstown-Boston service until making her last trip on July 32, 31,1873. Subsequently mostly Liverpool-Mediterranean service. Her engines were compounded in 1879 and she made her last North Atlantic voyage on November 8, 1888 from Liverpool-Queenstown-Boston and was sold and broken up in Italy in 1899. (Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Ted Finch, 15 August 1997)"

Photo: The SS Tarifa was an identical ship to the SS Allepo, depicted here. Click image to enlarge

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