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From Paula Nieland to Herman Nieland, August 20, 1957
Von Paula Nieland an Hermann Nieland, 20. August 1957

This postcard is from Herman Nieland's collection of personal papers. Paula Nieland (1904-1991) wrote the card from Germany to her uncle Herman Nieland (1885-1957) in Breda, Iowa. In it she mentions her sister, Josepha Nieland (1907-1982), and their visit to Kevelear in North Rhine-Westphalia. Over 800,000 pilgrims visit Kevelear every year to honor the Blessed Virgin. In July 1956 Herman and his brother Bernard Christopher Nieland had traveled from America to visit relatives in Germany.

Transcribed and translated by Annegret Kmeth.

Postmark: Ramsdorf, Kreis Borken, August 20, 1957

Address: Herman Nieland, Breda, Iowa, U.S.A.

Photo: Josepha and Paula Nieland with their brother Gerhard and his family. About 1945.

From the Mother of God, Paula and Josepha send you warm greetings. My thoughts were especially with you when we sang “many of your lambs have arrived “ as we entered Kevelaer.  Do you still have to suffer when you peel potatos?



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As I kneel here in prayer
and invoke Mary's help.
I also ask for your blessing! 
That’s simply what this card says.

Kevelaer Chapel Plaza


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