Historic Places

Kreis Borken, Westfalen, Germany in the 1970s

Most of the photographs on this page were taken by David Nieland when he visited Germany several times in the early 1970s and met Nieland relatives living there. The photos include Ramsdorf, Sudlohn, Borken – all in Kreis (county) Borken in the Westfalen region. The churches in the photographs are St. Walburga Catholic Church in Ramsdorf an St Vitas Catholic Church in Sudlohn. Our immigrant ancestors, Henry, Anna and Angela Nieland were all born in Sudlohn, then later moved to Ramsdorf.

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Nieland home in Borken

St. Vitas, Südlohn

St Vitas, Sudlohn

Nieland cousins, Ramsdorf

Ramsdorf Street

Neland farm, Ramsdorf

Nieland cousins, Ramsdorf

Nieland farm, Ramsdorf

Funke & Rave cousins

Funke cousin

St Vitas, Sudlohn

Finke cousins, Borken

Finke farm, Borken

Finke house, Borken


St Walburga's, Ramsdorf

Anton Nieland Farm
(from Verena Nieland)


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