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  St. Walburgis Shooters at the Holthausen-Blecking Shooting Festival – May 2005

Stefan Nieland and Diana Föcking (in center of group) are crowned king and queen of the annual shooting festival in Holthausen-Blecking (near Ramsdorf). They will reign for one year.

In the entourage were: Michael Raida and Stefanie Printing, Michael Sieverding and Yvonne Deppe, Markus Böing and Sandra Sühling, Frank Sühling und Melanie Todtenhaupt, Carsten Deppe and Julia Bünte, Markus Eichhorn and Nicole Pössel, Norbert Roßkamp and Bettina Printing and Rudolf Kleining and Susanne Steverding.



Photo provided by Verena Nieland courtesy of Borkener Zeitung