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Über Uns

ho are we?  We are a group of Nieland cousins who share a common passion for collecting family history and genealogy. We have been collaborating for the past several years to bring the Nieland family tree up to date, building on the earlier work done by David Nieland. Although there is a great deal of overlap and sharing of information, each of us has assumed a primary role in some area of this project.

David Nieland started it all. His 1965 book, Stammbaum der Familie Nieland, is a valuable reference work that was the foundation for our initial research. He continues to be a treasured source of family lore and has been an active contributor.

Leone (Wittry) Buelt is the main collector of names and dates. She is the one who clips obituaries out of the newspaper and sends out so many letters to distant cousins requesting updates to the family tree. Many of you have heard from Leone!

Kay (Buelt) Davis is the keeper of the family tree database. She not only patiently enters the new names and dates and corrections into the database, but is also actively researching our earlier ancestors. Kay also wrote the Biographical sketches you will find on the History page.

Elaine (Pappe) Lawson created the web pages using the data provide by Kay and the others. She also processes the old photographs, re-sizing them for the website and touching them up to lessen the ravages of time.

Of course, there are many, many others among "the cousins", some of whom are known as the family historian in their Nieland branch, who have contributed enormously to this research. We appreciate your efforts and anxiously await all the future surprises you may send our way.






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