Working with the High Resolution Images on this Website

henever you see the icon on this website you can download a high resolution image and make a photographic print of the picture. (If you try to print the regular images they may be fuzzy or grainy.)

The file size and photo print size are indicated next to the icon. All of the download images are all 300 dpi (dots per inch) and are sized to print on a single sheet of paper. Each of the files is small enough to fit on a floppy disk. Because the files are relatively large it may take several seconds to complete the download. The download time will depend on the type of Internet connection you use with your PC.

To save the high resolution file on your PC, click the camera icon, then right click on the high resolution image and select "Save image as" or "Save picture as", then save the file on your hard drive or floppy disk.

You can print the image using whatever image processing software came with your PC or that you purchased (Paint™, Photo Editor™, Imaging for Windows™, Photoshop™, etc.).

You can also get a photographic print of the image if you save the image on a floppy disk or CD and take it to you local copy shop or photo studio.