Thirty-seven to Receive Their First Holy Communion

Te Breda News, May 1935

A class of 23 girls and 14 boys will receive their first holy communion at St. Bernard's church on Ascension Day, Thursday morning, may 21, during the eight o'clock mass.

Angels who will escort the children to and from the communion railing will be Robert Oswald, Dale Ocken, Ruth Tiefenthaler and Irene Schettler. Flower girls will be Phyliss Mae Polking and Barbara Ann Wessling.

Following is the list of those who will receive:

Shirley Snyder, Bonnie Jean Olerich, Jean Fieldman, Vera Snyder Theresa Schelle, Norma Schelle, Della Margorie Wittry, Lorraine Berning, Illamae Wegman, Lorraine Nieland, Irma Schettler,

Lorraine Schieffer, Geneva Pollman, Donita Cramer, Doris Ann Schulte, Elizabeth Bode, Inez Bruning, Ardis Bruning, Bernadette Ortner, Theola Tiefenthaler, Betty Jane Luchtel, Anna Mae Knobbe, Lois Rowe,

Roger Koster, Eugene Sohm, Fancis Schaefer, Joseph Fitzsenry, Gerald Neumayer, Roger Steinkamp, Raphael Knobbe, Lawrence Berning, Robert Bruning, Roger Hoebing, Jean Jennewein, Duane Luchtel, Norman Rowe, Paul Tiefenthaler.


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