Henry Nieland Operation at Age 95

The Breda News, January 25, 1947

Breda man, 95, Has Rugged Constitution; Hale after Operation

Father of 16 Tells Why He Has Lived to Ripe Age: `Haven't Died Yet!'

Henry Nieland, 95, of Breda, who went home yesterday from St. Anthony hospital where he had undergone surgery 10 days earlier, can appreciate a little humor. He said he has lived to such a good old age because he "hasn't died yet."

But looking at life more seriously, he added that he considers it a special grace that he has lived so long to enjoy his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The patriarch has so many grandchildren it is difficult to count them. Great-grandchildren also run into numbers.

* * *

Until he became ill with a strangulated hernia, requiring immediate surgery, Mr. Nieland had scarcely known what sickness is. He had had a cold now and then, sometimes a slight indisposition, but nothing worse.

He was operated on Tuesday night, January 14. He rested well that night and continued to improve with strides. Yesterday morning his son, William Nieland of Carroll, took him back to his home in Breda.

Has a Chat

As soon as he arrived there, Mr. Nieland sat down in his rocking hair for a chat with his daughter, Mrs. Jacob Wittry.

* * *

Although the words "rugged individual" are somewhat worn out, they fit Mr. Nieland perfectly. He likes his independence. He takes care of his own finances. When he was released at the hospital, he signed his own check.

* * *

His son, William, said that Mr. Nieland is looking forward to having his own garden again in the summer. He handles a good sized vegetable plot at the back of the lot.

He likes a game of cards and once in a while plays at a table with some of his friends, but "not as often as he used to." H smokes an occasional pipe an spends a good share of his time reading.

Keeps Busy

Every day is a busy one for him. Unless the weather is too stormy he is in his pew at St. Bernard's church for mass every morning. He lives about a block and a half from the church. After mass, he walks down to the post office for his mail. And so the day goes on, with first one little task and then another.

* * *

He says he lives from day to day, enjoying each one as it comes along.

* * *

Mr. Nieland celebrated his 95th birthday Saturday, January 18, in the hospital. The day wasn't greatly deferent from the other ones that he spent in the hospital. Some of his children were there to see him every day—and of course on his birthday.

Daughters Here

Two daughters who are nuns, Sister M. Florina and Sister M. Sigmuda, both of LaCrosse, spent several days here with him.

* * *

Mr. Nieland is a man of medium height with gray hair and beard. He was born January 18, 1852, in Wesphalen, Germany. He has lived in Iowa since 1869 and in Carroll county since 1873. For many years he resided on his Wheatland township farm one mile west and about two miles north of Breda. H retired approximately 20 years ago.

* * *

His son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wittry, and family live with him in his Breda home. His wife, who was Anna Koster before her marriage, died in May, 1933.

16 Children

Mr. Nieland has had 16 children. Twelve of them are living: Mrs. Ferdinand Steinkamp and Frank Nieland, Breda; Mrs. Margaret Mueggenborg, Okarche, Okla; Sister M. Florina, LaCrosse, Wis.; William Nieland, Carroll; Ben Nieland, Wall Lake; Sister M. Sigmunda, LaCrosse, Wis.; Mrs. Arthur Braun, Alton; Mrs. Jacob Wittry, Breda; Louis Nieland, Wall Lake; Joe Nieland, Carroll, and Herman Nieland, Wall Lake.

A daughter, Mrs. Joe Wittrock (Rose) died in August, 1935. Her children live in Oklahoma. A son, Henry, died in 1931, and two other children died in infancy.

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