Nieland Visits Kin, Friends in Europe

The Carroll Herald, about 1971

Yes, it's true! There is a town names Breda in Holland. If you don't believe it, just ask Mr. David Nieland, high school instructor, (a native of Breda, Iowa) who spent two months touring Europe this summer. Among the thirteen countries he visited were Ireland, England, France, Germany, Holland and Austria.

In Germany Mr. Nieland visited relative whom he had never met before, except through correspondence. At Ramsdorf [Germany] he was a guest of cousins in the home in which his grandfather had lived at a young man. The home and the farm are still in the possession of the family. While at Ramsdorf also, he witnessed a colorful festival, called a Schnetzenfest. In Luxembourg, he traced records, pertaining to his mother's side of the family. Five members of that family, everyone except the parents, emigrated to America.

Mr. Nieland said that he was impressed by the fact that the high school students of Germany, including his younger cousins, could understand and converse easily in English, as a result of their studies in class.

Having an audience with Pope Paul VI in his summer home at Castel Gandolfo, seeing the President of Austria, and meeting with Ria Hansen, a former exchange student at Kuemper, contributed to a memorable trip for Mr. Nieland.

An avid collector of fine china, crystal, silver, and antiques, Mr. Nieland returned with a number of choice items to add to his treasures, and an impressive collection of catalogues and contacts for future reference.


David Nieland Gives Program on European Trip

The Carroll Herald, about 1971

David Nieland of Breda, Carroll school teacher, review highlights of a trip to Europe at a meeting of the Carroll Rotary Club at Tony's Restaurant Monday night.

Nieland was introduced by Dr. John Dermody. He showed slides of various places he had visited.

Nieland visited a number of relatives in Germany. He also was a guest of Ria Hansen, former foreign exchange student in Carroll, at her father's restaurant. Other former local residents with whom he visited include John Werner of Dedham, who at that time was serving in the U.S. armed forces in Germany and Mark Schwarzkopf, who is married to a German Woman.

He crossed the border in East Germany and found it to be a depressing place, he said. In the communist territory he said he saw large posters saying "Free Angela Davis" and "Buy Cuban Sugar."

Among other points of interest visited were West Berlin, Bavaria, Oberammergau, the Nazi crematoriums at Dachau and Anne Frank's home in Amsterdam

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