Elisabeth (Nieland) Scheiermann's 90th Birthday

Botrop, Germany, August 4, 1999


Elisabeth Scheiermann turns 90 today. The Bottrop born 90-year old spent her childhood and youth in Osterfeld where, as the oldest of 15 children, she had to take on responsibility very early. In 1934 she married machinist, Theodor Scheiermann. After the wedding, the young couple moved to a house at the Scheirbruch 38, directly next to the old Scheiermann house. Because her husband didn't return from Russian captivity until 1946 and was seriously ill, she had to raise their seven children entirely alone during the difficult war and postwar years. With her husband, she set up a small farm. Not until her 60's did Elisabeth Scheiermann find time for her hobbies: reading, classic music and travel. Her birthday was celebrated in Paderborn-Marienloh by her daughter Monika, where she was congratulated by seven children, six step-children, 13 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Photo caption: Elisabeth Scheiermann is 90 years old today.


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