Children - Victims of the Bombing
Kinder - Opfer des Bombenkrieges

Westfälicsche Rundschau (Newspaper), Dortmund, Germany, October 22, 2003

The exhibition of "Children - Victims of the War Bombing in the Ruhr Valley (1939 - 1945)" can be seen since yesterday until the October 31st in the foyer of the university library. It is part of the accompanying program of the university to display the "Crimes of the Armed Forces." The picture shows students Lisa Bandorski, Verena Nieland, and Kristin Engfer with professor Dr. Gerhard E. Sollbach (History Institute) at the opening. (Steffi Goeke)

Photo: Verena Nieland (second from left) with her professor and fellow students. Verena helped put together the exhibition as part of her studies in History at Dortmund University.

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