5 x Finke — 7 x Rave

The Borkener Zeitung, Friday, December 5, 2003

Looking Back — 50 Years Ago in the Borkener Newspaper

The registrar of births, marriages and deaths in Borken was at first quite surprised when a young marriage applicant named Finke appeared and ordered a public marriage announcement. The Borken official was astonished because the bride of the young Finke was named also named Finke. However they were not in any way related. But the registrar was completely surprised that the two witnesses appearing with the father of the bridegroom and the mother of the bride were Finkes, too. And since the official was also named Finke, that made five in all. By the way, the mother of the bride was also born a Finke, and now the daughter, Mrs. Finke, was likewise born a Finke. You call that tradition.

But the Ramsdorf official yet out-trumped his Borken colleagues recently. With him, a marriage candidate by the name of Rave appeared. We will keep it short... The bride was also a Rave, and both wittnesses were also named Rave. Then came the father of the groom and the mother of the bride — that made it six. But missing is the registrar who was likewise named Rave: the seven is complete... and seven never remains alone...

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