Schulte Awarded Bronze Star Medal

The Breda News, September 24, 2003

Army Reserve Maj. Denis R. Schulte [son of Urban Schulte, grandson of Clara Boes Schulte, great grandson of Maria Anna Nieland Boes] has been decorated with the Bronze Star medal for Participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom while serving at a forward-deployed location overseas.

The medal is awarded to an individual who, while serving in the U.S. armed forces, has performed a heroic act, meritorious achievement or distinguished service during armed conflict or ground combat while engaged against an armed enemy of the United States.

Operation Iraqi Freedom is the official name given to military operations involving U.S. and coalition forces efforts to disarm and end the current Iraqi regime. The focus of the mission is to liberate the Iraqi people, preserve Iraq as a unified state, keep its territorial integrity intact, and help the Iraqi people begin the process of economic and political reconstruction.

The major, a support operations planner, is the son of Joan H. Schulte of Carroll.

His father and mother-in-law, Jerry and Norma Schmitz, reside in Wall Lake, Iowa.

Schulte graduated in 1974 from St. Bernard's High School, Breda, and received a bachelor's degree in 1983 from Iowa State University, Ames.

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