Plans forged for new space on old farm

The Borkener Zietung, Borken, Germany, February 10, 2004

Scouts arrange "second home" / Registration still open for Youth Conference

Ramsdorf (mge). Plans made —  Things are moving fast now for the troop leaders of the St. George Scouts* in Ramsdorf.  First, because the troop can now meet in a new place on the old farm of Anton Nieland. On the other hand because now, besides their previous meeting place in the basement of the Marienheims [the local kindergarten], both places are at their disposal, as well as kitchen and sanitary facilities on the farm.

Photo caption: The Ramsdorf Scouts settle into a new domicile in the [former farmhouse] on the old Nieland farm. [Dominik Nieland of Ramsdorf, second person from right]  Click image to enlarge

Scout leader Werner Menke refers in this context to a great deal of work that was performed by the Scouts in the past months. After farmer Nieland had offered them the rooms, extensive renovations were needed. It was painted and glued, with the furnishings and equipment contributed by many Ramsdorf families.

Now, when the heater is returned to working order, nothing will stand in the way of full utilization. What is missing, and where the Scouts are asking for support once again, are cutlery and larger pots for the gas stove.

Birgit Kassner, who leads the group with Veronika Wolber, is happy about the offer of additional space. "Here can we can also be somewhat louder at times." It also means there are finally no blocked out periods for the scout meetings—the space is always available. This will already happen in the next weeks when the Wölflinge** also converge on Bleking Road [the site of the Nieland farm].

Besides many other meetings for the program, the main meeting of the DPSG* and the Scouts in Haltern [a village southeast of Ramsdorf] take place in the month of March.

Registration is still open for the sixth youth conference in Pogorzelica, Poland, that takes place from the 22 July to 1 August [2004]. Children and youths from eight years can participate. Interested parties can register until the end of February with camp manager Marion Schmitz (telephone 02863/760157).

*   The boy/girl scout organization is called the Deutsch Pathfinders of St. Georg, DPSG
** The Wölflinge are the youngest group of scouts

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