Markus Kurth - Parliament Delegate

Press Release, July 4, 2005

Markus Kurth and Birgit Unger of the Green Party Ticket

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Over the weekend in Düsseldorf the North Rhine-Westphalia GREEN [Green Party] chose the Dortmund Parliament delegate and sociological speaker of the parliamentary group, Markus Kurth, from the safe Listenlatz 6 [ticket] for the Parliamentary election.  Before the 267 delegates, Kurth emphasized:  "We must enable all people to have an independent and worthy/charitable lifestyle.  National support must ensure social participation, so that the demand for individual responsibility and self-determination does not becomes an empty phrase. "  Therefore Kurth demands an increase of the ALG II [unemployment benefits].

The Delegates also selected Birgit Unger as the second Dortmund direct candidate on the ticket. Unger spoke out for the realization of ones right to work, in order to thwart unsatisfactory, short-term measures for the unemployed. "This could happen through the formation of a publicly subsidized, permanent second labor market with additional labor and non-profit jobs. In this employment sector, between the market and state, the jobs would be filled permanently out of the group of long-term unemployed persons."

A positive weekend for the Dortmund GREEN was rounded off with the election of Daniela Schneckenburger to the North Rhine-Westphalia delegates in the GREEN state board [?], the top decision making body between the federal agencies.

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—by Martina Müller, Kreisgeschäftsführerin


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