Nieland Family History     

Stammbaum Der Familie Nieland 1615-2007
The Nieland Family Tree 1690-2007
January 2008 Edition  

Over 1,500 new family members and 3 additional generations of early ancestors

The Nieland family tree information on this website is available in printable book format. You can download the book and save it in your PC for future reference. And you can print out a hard copy to share with other family members. Please contact us with any updates or corrections.

 About the Download File

The Nieland Family Tree book is a 2.3 MB downloadable file in PDF format. The book includes an outline family tree with over 8,000 names and a full name index so you can easily find any individual.

The January 2008 version of the Nieland Family Tree book is currently available for download. This revised edition adds names of over 1,500 new individuals and details about several earlier generations of ancestors in our family tree.

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader software installed on your PC to view and print the book. Click on the download link to download the file to your PC, then save it to your hard disk for future reference.

You can also print out a paper copy. The complete document is 254 pages.  A professional print shop or photocopy store can double-side print the book and bind it to create a more compact book format.

  Download the Book

Click here to download the printable book, Stammbaum Der Familie Nieland - The Nieland Family Tree, January 2008 edition.

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