Nieland Family History     

Ode to the Clan
A Poem Read at the July 1983 Nieland Family Reuion

by Walt Nieland

I'd like to write a bit about
A very special clan.
It seems it got its start out here
With just one simple man.

To the area he came in l869
And fell to his work in short order
On his homesteaded farm
On the Sac County border.

He planned for a home
A place for his band
Yes, he was my Grandpa
The "Patriarch", Henry Nieland.

He brought up his children
Though problems were grim.
He fed them and clothed them
Though pickings were slim.

He taught them to save
He taught them to pray.
If I say so myself
That's still good even today.

I'm proud to be a member
Of this noble clan
And I'm sure I owe quite a lot
To this humble man.

The Nielands are close
But I'm first to say
There's one thing for sure
They all paid their own way!

Now they're more numerous
Spread in a number of States
We never hear of all
The weddings, baptisms and dates.

But I am quite sure
As I write this today
There will still be Nielands
Come my judgment day.

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