Nieland Family History     
    Origin of the Nieland Surname

The following description of the origin of the Nieland surname was provided to David Nieland by the Historical Research Center, Inc.

A Nieland Coat of Arms – not necessarily that of our Nieland branch

The German surname Nieland is local in origin, derived from a particular geographical feature near which the original bearer once lived or held land. Here the name is composed of the Old High German "niuwi" meaning "new" and "lant" meaning "land, territory". Thus the name indicates "one who settled on the new land, that is, marsh land newly claimed by drainage or land just cleared by felling of trees." Today, Germany is well drained, but it was originally a land of vast swamps and this fact is reflected in the number of German surnames rooted in words referring to marshes, swamps, water and mud. However, Nyland is also the name of a small town in Germany and therefore it is also possible that this surname demotes an inhabitant of this town. Variants of this surname include Nielandt, Neuland and Nieländer.

The Nieland coat of arms was described as follows: Origin: Germany. Azure [blue], issuing from a mount of three [three hills], a man vested, hair and beard argent [silver], a hairband with the ends flowing to either side, holding an annulet sable [black ring] in front of his chest with both hands. A vol per fess alternating azure and gold.


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