Nieland Family History     

A Family Prayer
Ein Familiengebet

This prayer was freqently recited in the evening by Franz Josef Nieland (1882-1972) with his 15 children. It was sent to us by his granddaughter, Gisela Nieland.

At the right is an original copy of the prayer in the handwriting of Franz Josef Nieland. Click image to enlarge.


God, my God, at the end of this day I appear before You,
to thank You for Your kindness!

This day is now gone forever,
but the consequences of my actions today
still await me.

In humility and repentance I confess to You,
as my Almighty Father,
Oh Lord, forgive me all my transgressions
by which I offended You today.
Be it through thoughts, words and actions,
or through the omission of good deeds.

In Your name I will rest now.
Sleep is part of your benevolence.
It is also a powerful balm
that makes new life flow through my tired limbs.

Watch over me, Oh Father, while sleeping unconscious of my self.
Keep harm from me and my family.
Tomorrow will encourage me with new eagerness to serve You.

But if You decide that this night should be my last,
that I will never again see the sunlight with my eyes,
then Lord, have mercy upon my poor soul when calling me into Your arms.
Judge it with fatherly compassion and take it into the House of Eternal light and Peace.

For You are my Lord and my God,
and I am the work of Your hands.
As surely as I believe in You,
so sure also is my hope.

Great praise, glory, and worship to You, God Almighty,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
united in the Lord God.
For all eternity.



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