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From Bernardine Nieland (aka Tepper) to Herman Franz Nieland, June 1949
Von Bernardine Nieland (aka Tepper) an Herman Franz Nieland, June 1949

This postcard is from Herman Nieland's collection of personal papers. Bernardine (Nieland) Tepper (1912-2008) of Münster, Germany wrote this postcard to her uncle Herman in Breda, Iowa. For many years Bernardine worked in Münster for a factory owner named Tepper. Eventually Mr. Tepper adopted her and that is why she called herself Tepper. The card was sent from Freckenhorst, a small village about 15 miles northeast of Münster.

Transcribed and translated by Annegret Kmeth.

No postmark or Address (probably mailed in an envelope)


Dear Onkel Franz

The kindest regards from the three of us from Freckenhorst

Bernardine, Maria and Joseph Tepper
Freckenhorst, June 1949


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