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From Johan Nieland to Bernard Christopher Nieland, December 1956
Von Johann Nieland an Bernard Christopher Nieland, Dezember 1956

This letter is from the collection of Christina (nee Nieland) Weber. (Gerhard) Johann William Nieland (b. 1914) in Germany wrote the letter to his uncle Bernard Christopher Nieland (1874-1965) in Minnesota. Bernard emigrated from Germany in 1895. He lived at first Breda, Iowa. Later the family moved to Minnesota. Anna Perlewitz (1912) was Johann’s wife.

Transcribed by Hildegunde (Nieland) Gerwin and Heinz Münstermann and translated by Verena (Nieland) Sinnhuber.

Year end 1956
Mülh. Ruhr. Styrum, Oberhausenstraße 230

Johann and Anna Nieland in their garden, July 1956  

Happy New Year
Best wishes for the New Year.

Dear Uncle Bernhard, children and all Nielands.

At the end of the year we wish you and all the Nielands good luck and blessings. Please forgive me for not writing sooner. You know I've been ill. I had an accident at work on May 19, 1956 at the iron factory in Mülheim-Heidrich (in the machine room).  Now I'm working again at the firm but in the office, not in the factory.  I have a bit of financial loss, but I am in better health now.  Here in the old homeland in Osterfeld, Ramsdorf and Borken etc. everyone is still healthy and lively. From Anna and me, I can tell you everything is good.  With this letter I'm sending you two pictures which where taken in our living room.  In the picture are Anna and Johann, father, you, Uncle Hermann and Anna’s friend, Mrs. Kolkmann. We will send you the other pictures from the garden soon. Once again to all the Nielands best wishes for the New Year.

Anna und Johann

Anna (Perlewitz) Nieland, Johann Nieland, Franz Joseph Nieland, Bernard Christopher Nieland, Herman Nieland and Frau Kolkmann. Photo taken during Herman and Bernard's visit to Germany in July 1956.

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