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From Heinrich Nieland to Herman Nieland, August 26, 1956
Von Josef Nieland an Herman Nieland, 26. August 1956

This postcard is from Herman Nieland's collection of personal papers. Heinrich Nieland (1914-1986) of Ramsdorf wrote the card from Germany to his uncle Herman Nieland (1885-1957) in Breda, Iowa. Heinrich's son, Josef, also signed the card. In July 1956 Herman and his brother Bernard Christopher Nieland (1874-1965) traveled from America to visit relatives in Germany. He received this card shortly after his he returned home to Breda. In the card Heinrich asks about Hermann’s reception upon his return. The card is postmarked from Kevelaer—a widely known pilgrimage site in northwestern Germany.

Transcribed and translated by Annagret Kmeth and Elaine Lawson and Verena Nieland.

Postmark: Kevelaer, North Rhein Westphalia, Germany, August 26, 195?

Address: Herman Franz Nieland, Breda, Iowa, U.S.A.

Back row : Franziska (Heisterkamp) Nieland, Hermann Franz Nieland, Josefa Nieland, Bernard C Nieland, Heinrich Nieland. Front: Hildegunde and Josef - children of Franziska and Heinrich Nieland.The photo is from Herman und Bernards'trip to Germany in July 1956.

From the Mother of God warm greetings from Maria Paula [Nieland], Mrs. Böggering, Anna Böggering, [and] Luise Roßkamp. In thought we are with you daily.  How was the reception in the USA[?]

Heinrich Nieland?
Josef Nieland


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Doesn’t this holy place here
Truely speak loudly the Word [of the Lord]?
Doesn’t everyone know holy Christ
that you are our help? 


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