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Ramsdorf, Kreis Borken, Westfalen, Germany

Our Nieland Ancestors who came to America from Germany in the late 1900s live in Ramsdorf at the time they emigrated. Ramsdorf is situated in Westfalen, which is in the northwest part of Germany, a few kilometers from the border to the Netherlands.

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Aerial view of Ramsdorf, Westfalen, Germany

Nielands living in Ramsdorf in 2002

Nieland House in Ramsdorf

Hauptstrasse, Ramsdorfg

St. Walburga Church

St. Walburga Catholic Church

The Catholic church in Ramsdorf (left) is where much of our Nieland family history is recorded. Based on remains of the original masonry, the origin of St. Walburga's church can be dated to the 13th century. It was expanded several times between 15th and 20th centuries. An inscription over the entrance dates the tower at 28 April 1513. The Roman style baptismal font still remains from the original construction of the church in 13th century.

Many Nieland ancestors were buried in the cemetery adjacent to St. Walburga's Catholic church. Nieland graves can still be found there today (below).

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St. Walburga Church

Anna 1912 - 1969
(Nee Rohskamp)
Gerhard 1902 - 1970
Josefa 1907 - 1982
Paula 1904 - 1991Anna 1912 - 1969
(Nee Rohskamp)
Gerhard 1902 - 1970
Josefa 1907 - 1982
Paula 1904 - 1991


Franz 1909 - 1964
Auguste 1908 - 1994

The Aa River
(Der Fluß Aa)
The stream that runs
through Ramsdorf


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