Rembering Earl and Tony Boes

— as told by Lorraine Nieland Starman, December 2001

I sure do remember some of the relatives such as Earl Boes and Tony Boes. Tony lived across the road from uncle Herman Nieland and Herman lived in the same section of land that we did. The farms were back to back. Actually it was all one farm but grandpa split in two when Herman married Tillie so dad farmed the east half (120 acres) and Herman the west half. His daughter Dorothy (Venteicher of Ft. Dodge now) and I used to play together. The Boes boys used to ride to school in a car pool my dad, Tony Boes, and uncle Herman as well as Ben Ricke, a neighbor put together. We only lived about 3 1/2 miles from Breda. The folks played cards in a neighborhood card group and the kids would go along. The Boes were one of the families in it. I remember rather vaguely Clarence Boes too as Dad, I, and Denny [Nieland] went there once with one of our cows to bring home a bull from his place. I am surprised my mom allowed that. She was so "proper."


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