Pat (Poeppe) Metzger Remembers

Pat Metzger's recollections of stories told to her by her parents, Julia Florina Nieland (1908 - 1997) and Albert John "Pat" Poeppe (1902 - 1976)

poeppe weddingTheir Wedding Day — January 15, 1929

Mother told me the story of how cold it was the day they got married. She said that her red roses froze in the church during the wedding.

Father told me of how slick it was that day. On his way to Breda for the wedding his car slid into the ditch, he had to walk to the nearest farm house to get a ride to his brother's house. Dad then drove my uncle's car to his wedding and had it for the honey moon also. They went to Nebraska for their honeymoon and visited one of mom's aunt's.

Mom's dress was a soft green and her hat is brocaded.


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