Remembering Sister Mary Sigmunda F.S.P.A. (Mary Magdalene Nieland)

— as told by Lorraine Nieland Starman to Kay Davis, November 2001

I have always liked old things and even the ranch style house we built in 1974 (Tony did most of it) I have furnished in Victorian and antique looking things. I have a china doll with 3 outfits' hand made by Sister Sigmunda that she gave me as a child. She paid $0.69 for it and an antique dealer offered me $40.00 for it a good number of years ago. I will not sell it. Mom did not allow me to play with it, as it would break. She kept it in her cedar chest and would let me look at it once in awhile. When I was married she gave it to me and I kept it in my cedar chest until we moved into our home here. Now I have it on a high, cherry wood bookcase in the living room under a glass dome. It is about 8 inches tall. Thank you Mom and Sister Sigmunda!


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