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Kornrumpf Genealogy

This website is dedicated to collecting and sharing genealogy information for the Kornrumpf family.

Several distinct Kornrumpf surname lines are being pursued by various researchers in the USA. These individual lines are likely connected at some point in history although the exact connection point has not been established.

Hermann Kornrumpf's
house in Goettingen,
about 1900

The Kornrumpf lines described in this website originated in the part of Germany around the cities of Göttingen and Kassel that are now known as Hesse and Lower Saxony.

The borders of the region and names have changed throughout history. Formerly the area where our Kornrumpfs lived included portions of Hesse-Kassel, Hanover and Thüringen.<

Several of our Kornrumpf ancestors emigrated to America in the 1800s and settled in New York, Michigan, and Illinois, then later spread out across the country to Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Maryland and other states.

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Please contact us if you have something to contribute to the Kornrumpf family history or if you find an error in the information presented here.

We're collecting family tree updates, old photographs, letters, records and documents, obituaries and newspaper clippings.

Tell us what you remember—your personal recollections, stories, rumors and lore—about the Kornrumpf family.

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•  There's new family tree data on the Ancestry page. We added 150 members of the Cyriacus branch that settled in San Antonio Texas in 1856.

•    Lots of new photographs of Kornrumpf ancestors have been posted on the Photos page.