Mueggenborg FarmMueggenborg Family European Trip - 2011
Europreise der Familie Müggenborg - 2011


A Mueggenborg Family Trip to Germany and Rome

Join us on a trip to visit the Müggenborg farm and family!

Come visit the house and town where Wilhelm Josef Müggenborg raised his family (Henry, Anton, Gerhard, Ben, and John) in the 1800’s. Meet the Müggenborg families who still live there.

All are welcome!  You’re invited to spend time visiting a fascinating place and meeting great people – your German relatives.

Please share this information with your family and let us know if you will be joining us on this trip.


New!   Flight Information — Germany to Rome (posted December 22, 2010)

Those family members who are going from Germany to Rome with the group need to book a flight for Sunday, April 24, on Ryan Air 9672 (Weeze - Rome) at 5:05 p.m. ( This is Weeze/Dusseldorf airport, not Dusseldorf International Airport.

Dan will arrive in Dusseldorf on Monday, April 18, on Lufthansa 3201 (Rome - Dusseldorf International Airport) at 4:40 pm. If anyone is arriving on that afternoon, he can pick them up and bring them to Weseke.

Contact Julie Johnson if you need additional information or clarification.


Tentative Schedule

  • Make your travel plans to fly to Germany by April 18th – Muenster, Cologne and Dusseldorf are fairly close to Weseke (pronounced ves-uh-kuh), so any of them would be a good arrival airport. Each person is responsible for their own airfare and tickets. You can get a rental car in Germany and drive to Weseke (GPS is recommended) or if multiple people will be flying to the same city, you can coordinate arrivals and transportation.

  • Accommodations in Weseke will be at a local Bed & Breakfast.

  • We will make group travel plans to fly from Dusseldorf to Rome on Easter Sunday, April 24th. Those arriving at this time will be brought to their hotel by private bus.

  • Hotel information for Rome — PNAC guest appartments or Cesi Hotel (contact Julie for details)

  • Make your return flight reservations from Rome to the United States for April 29, 2011 (unless you want to stay longer!)

New Info! Day-by-Day Schedule (Updated January 13, 2011)

Monday, April 18 — Arrive and get settled

Tuesday, April 19 — Borken, Gemen, Weseke

Wednesday, April 20 — Munster

Thursday, April 21 — Aachen

Friday, April 22 — Cologne

Saturday, April 23 — Winterswik (Netherlands) + Weseke family home (Pictures)

Easter Sunday, April 24 — Xanten + Kevelear + Aiport to Rome

Monday, April 25 — Assisi

Tuesday, April 26 — Rome – basilicas and forum

Wednesday, April 27 — Papal Audience + more tour of Rome (please let Julie know if you’re interested in the Papal audience)

Thursday, April 28 — Some people begin leaving for the US

Friday, April 29 — Everyone leave for the US

Sunday May 1 — Pope John II Beatification (for those who wish to stay additional days)


Download the trip announcemnt flyer for more info. Additonal schedule detalis will be provided as plans firm up. Please check this page again!

> Trip Announcement


Who you will meet

These are the relatives you will meet in Germany:

  • Josef Haverdill family (descendents of Wilhelm Josef Müggenborg: Josef A Müggenborg and Christine Haverdill)

  • Josef, Elisabeth, Heinrich, Ludger Müggenborg families (descendents of Wilhelm Josef Müggenborg: Josef A Müggenborg and Gerhard Müggenborg)


Contact: Julie Johnson, email: jjohnson at atlinkwifi dot com for more information.


About our 2007 trip

Twenty-five Mueggenborg relatives made this journey in 2007 and it was an unforgettable experience! Download the following files for info about the 2007 trip (large PDF files, allow time to download)

> Summary of Activities

> Germany Photos

> Rome Photos


Mueggenborg Genealogy and Family History

This downloadable file has information about the Mueggenborg family history, ancestry and our German relatives. It's a very big file, so allow time for it to download!

> The Mueggenborg Family

There are many family ties between the Mueggenborgs and Nielands. In fact, about 1,300 Mueggenborg descendants and their spouses are included in the Nieland family tree!  So be sure to check out the Nieland Homepage. The site has detailed family trees and historical info about Mueggenborg ancestors that also intersect the Nieland tree. Some of the Mueggenborgs changed the spelling of their surname to Mueggenberg, so you will find some related individuals with that spelling also.

These are the main places to view Mueggenborg descendants on the Nieland Homepage:

> Nieland Ancestry — Click on either the Maria Anna Nieland box in Generation 8 at the bottom of the chart.  Use your browser's Edit-Find function to find Henry Bernard Mueggenborg. You will find 885 people in the Henry Bernard Mueggenborg branch.

> Nieland Ancestry — Click on the Gerhard Boes box in Generation 8 at the bottom of the chart. Use your browser's Edit-Find function to find Florence M Mueggenberg.   You will find 85 people in the Florence Mueggenberg branch.

> Nieland Ancestry — Click on the John Henry Nieland box in Generation 8 at the bottom of the chart. Use your browser's Edit-Find function to find Antone John Mueggenborg.   You will find 281 people in the Anton Mueggenborg branch.

> Nieland Ancestry — Click on the John Henry Nieland box in Generation 8 at the bottom of the chart. Use your browser's Edit-Find function to find Mark Dale Mueggenberg.   You will find 16 people in the Mark Dale Mueggenberg branch.


Be sure to also look at the History page of the Nieland website. Under the History Tab. Look for the following items:

  • Ben and Mary Nieland Family History
  • Clara Boes and Max Reising History
  • Obituaries
  • Called-to-the Faith
  • Clippings

There are also a several early Mueggenborg photos on the Photos page.


Corrections:   If you find any missing or inaccurate family info or have old photos, newspaper clippings, etc. to contribute, please email Kay (Buelt) Davis at davis73da at comcast dot net.

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