Short work: Stefan Nieland is new king on the 155th shot

The Borkener Zeitung, May 7, 2005

Diana Föcking reins at his side / A young throne

Ramsdorf (git).   The St. Walburga shooters made short work of the bird shooting match (Schützenfest ) in Holthausen-Blecking. It lasted only about one hour, and then the new king was certain: Stephan Nieland (31) shot the last remaining wooden bird from its support surprisingly early with the 155th shot. He declared Diana Föcking (24) as his queen. Thus a young throne takes over the reign in Holthausen-Blecking.

Photo caption: The St. Walburga Rifle Club Holthausen-Bleking has a young throne in the royal pair, Stefan Nieland and Diana Föcking  Click image to enlarge

In the entourage were: Michael Raida and Stefanie Printing, Michael Sieverding and Yvonne Deppe, Markus Böing and Sandra Sühling, Frank Sühling und Melanie Todtenhaupt, Carsten Deppe and Julia Bünte, Markus Eichhorn and Nicole Pössel, Norbert Roßkamp and Bettina Printing and Rudolf Kleining and Susanne Steverding.

Because of the unstable weather the shooters shot from the tent. That didn't affect the atmosphere, though. On the contrary, after the reigning king and queen opened the competition it proceeded blow by blow. As serious contenders for becoming the new king, Norbert Roßkamp, Markus Heidemann and Stefan Nieland gave the officers an exciting finish. Stefan Nieland had luck on his side. Early on Frank Sühling secured the apple. President Bernhard Effing-Tenk shot down the scepter; Hubert Haselhoff shot a wing.

Even though the weather wasn't so great, so goes their motto: "at Holthausen-Bleking you always have a nice celebration." At the opening ceremony on Wednesday, the organizers were very pleased with the full house. At Mass in the clubhouse, Pastor Karl Terhorst spoke about peace and quizzed the flag officers on whether they knew what was written on their flags. At the Sunday morning get together President Bernhard Effing-Tenk honored the still reigning king Herbert Deppe for being an officer for 30 years. Yesterday Johannes Steverding was honored: He has been the organizer of the shooting for 25 years. The shooting match celebration ended with a great coronation ball.


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