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From Herman Franz Nieland to Franz Josef Nieland, October 13, 1950
Von Hermann Franz Nieland an Franz Josef Nieland, 13. Oktober 1950

This letter is from the collection of Mathilda “Tilla” (nee Nieland) Hölter. Herman Franz Nieland (1885-1957) of Breda, Iowa wrote the letter to his brother Franz Josef Nieland (1882-1972) in Osterfeld, Germany. Herman emigrated from Germany in 1910. He owned a farm near Breda, Iowa.

Transcribed by Tilla (Nieland) Hölter and translated by Verena Nieland

Breda [Iowa] October 13, 1950

Photo: Anna (Perlewitz) Nieland, Johann Nieland, Franz Joseph Nieland, Bernard Christopher Nieland, Herman Nieland and Frau Kolkmann. Photo taken during Herman and Bernard's visit to Germany in July 1956.

Dear Brother,

Yesterday I got the souvenir from Germany, the ashtray. Who should I thank for it? Heinrich, because he made it, or you who sent it? To be safe, many thanks to you both. Perhaps a little praise for Gisela, would also make sense, I think she was the instigator. Have I guessed right? Walter Fee was here to fill my fuel oil tank when the package arrived. While opening he said, “Look at that! Ricke is coming out!” He meant the cardboard. Since I wrote to you the last time, I bought 10 calves of about 275 pounds. Today the veterinarian was here, seven of them are ill. He doesn’t know yet if more are going to die. He meant it wouldn’t be so bad with this nice sunny weather.

October, 14th. If all goes as I wish, next time B.A. Wittry, Leo Naberhaus and my humble self are going to drive to Omaha to the second biggest cattle market in the world to buy 10-15 more calves. Please cross your fingers that everything goes well. Now I will close, with this nice weather I can’t stand it any more between these four walls.

1) Walter Fee, was the owner of a fuel oil business in Breda
2) A.H. “Art” Ricke was the owner of Ricke’s General Store in Breda.
3) B. A. “Barney” Wittry was the brother-in-law of Anna Catherine Nieland and a neighboring farmer.
4) Leo Nabehaus was a neighboring farmer.

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