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Sr. Florina to Louis and Martha Nieland, about 1956
Sr. Florina an Louis. Nieland, c. 1956

This letter is from the collection of David Nieland. It was written by Sr. Florina (1884-1957) to her brother, Louis Nieland (1901-1985) and his wife Martha Braun Nieland (1902-1993) of Breda, Iowa. This note is on a Christmas greeting, undated and without an envelope, but must have been sent when David was just beginning his research of the Nieland family hisory since Sr. Florina passed away in 1957. In the letter she mentions her younger sister, Cathrine, who died at the age of 3. She also discusses the immigration of her father, Henry Nieland (1854-1949), and the fact that he was atttending a University inf Vienna at the time he decided to immigrate in 1868.

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No date or postmark:

Dear Louis and Martha,

Finally I found what I have been “hunting” ever since you were here — that is this — you recall David asking about Catherine. I told you I was “hushed: and warned never to mention her. Well it rather haunted me when David wrote and I wrote to Sister Sigmunda — she was surprised to learn that I had been silenced as she was. Years ago I asked father about his and mother’s birthdays and all my sisters and brothers. He gave me the dates — but never mentioned Catherine — is that paper I finally located in my trunk under some paper so I sent that to David a few days ago. There was also part of a letter from father so I included that and the various snap-shots I still had. He said that Sister in Germany wanted our pictures — we had some snaps from time to time when we made home visits, so I felt he could have all I had and dispose of them as he pleases. For the life of me I can not even today see the reason why our parents silenced us — we should and could be seen but not heard. Your boys had all the freedom and could say what they want to and you listened — thank God. Well, enough of that.

Letter c ontinues on a separate sheet of paper:

Oh, yes, David had another question I really forgot to answer and it occurred to me just this minute. He said he heard father had attended a university and was that a fact. Yes, if is a fact — on our last home visit he recited a very lengthy poem and when I questioned him he said that was one of his assignments when attending the University at Vienna, Austria. Also added that his father advised him to discontinue and get out of the county as soon as possible as the Franco-Prussian War was threatening, so in all haste he skipped — took a small boat to Liverpool, then later boarded an ocean liner and was on the high sears midst storms and what not. He told me the length of time bit that too I have forgotten.

Tell David this when he comes home for the holiday vacation. Bell is ringing for prayer so must stop short.

Love and greetings to all,

Your loving,

Sister M. Florina

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