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Sr. Florina to David Nieland, about 1956
Sr. Florina an David A. Nieland, c. 1956

This letter is from the collection of David Nieland. It was written to him by Sr. Florina, FSPA (Elizabeth Nieland, 1884-1957). The letter is undated, but must have been sent when David was just beginning his research of the Nieland family history, since Sr. Florina passed away in 1957. Sr. Florina describes the burial of her younger sister Catherine, who died at the age of 3, and was never discussed in the household. Some of the letters from her father, Henry Nieland (1854-1949), that she mentions are also on this website.

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No date or postmark:

Sister Sigmunda said her birth was not recorded though her baptism was. As to what you found, child of Henry Nieland and Anna Koester, that must have been Catherine. I remember her distinctly and once I heard she was eleven months younger than I. I also remember the casket — could not forget is as I asked father about the little white house — it was then that my father said that the angels had taken Catherine to Heaven in that white house and now do not ever talk about, that, remember, never.

Guess we were raised when children were to be seen but not heard. I often marveled when we were on our home visits that you boys [David, Roger and Mark Nieland] were free to speak when you chose and your parents listened — that is the way it should be of course — so times have changed.

Am enclosing parts of father’s letters – you need not return any of the material. Use it as you will.

Sorry this was so long delayed, but I was determined to find the enclosed and finally, finally, finally found.

May God love and bless both you and Mark,

Your aunt,

Sister M. Florina

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