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From Gerhard Nieland to Bernard Christopher Nieland, January 13, 1962
Von Gerhard Nieland an Bernard Christopher Nieland, 13. Januar 1962

This letter is from the collection of Christina (Nieland) Weber. Gerhard Anton Nieland (1902-1970) in Ramsdorf, Germany wrote the letter to his brother Bernard Christopher Nieland (1874-1965) in Minnesota. Bernard emigrated from Germany in 1895. He lived at first Breda, Iowa. Later the family moved to Minnesota.  In the letter, Gerhard Anton Nieland speaks about his three uncles that emigrated to the USA — Herman Franz Nieland (1888-1957), Heinrich Joseph Nieland (1972-1957) and Bernard Christopher Nieland (1874-1965).

Transcribed by Hildegunde (Nieland) Gerwin and Heinz Münsterman. Translated by Verena (Nieland) Sinnhuber.

Ramsdorf, January 13th 1962

"The three gentlemen." The three Nieland brothers who emigrated — Bernard Christopher Nieland, Heinrich Joseph Nieland and Hermann Franz Nieland. About 1945.

Dear Uncle and everyone

Now some lines from Germany. Everyone is still healthy here. How is it there, is everyone still in good health? I wanted to write last year, but Uncle Josef said he wanted to write himself. Since Anton Finke died, things are about the same. It is very cold here. David sent three pictures of the three gentlemen.  Wonderful. The harvest was not good. Grass only a little. Rye drowned. Turnips spoiled by rain. Potatoes very thick, unfortunately not sold, all for the pigs. We have three fat ones, 350 Pfund [about 1.1 pounds] each, six pigs 150 Pfund each, four pigs 100 Pfund each, and one heavy mother sow with twelve piglets. 8 milk cows, two bearing cows, four bulls 2-1/2 years old 800 Pfund, two yearling old cows and a five ? calf, one black horse, 80 chickens, 50-60 eggs each day, each egg 20 Pfennigs, [each] Pfund Legemehl [animal feed] 27 Pfennigs, wheat 24 Pfennigs per Pfund, rye 22 Pfennigs and oats. Last year we got a binder 3500 Marks, a manure spreader 2900 Marks. Now we have a milking machine.

Bernhardine 21 years old works in an office. Agnes is at a farm. Anton is at the Reverts (the neighboring farm). Maria is learning dressmaking. Ludger is going to graduate from school the year after next at Easte. Elisabeth has to go to school for three more years, so my wife, sister and I are at home alone in the mornings.

Uncle Josef is a grandfather 53 times now. I have asked him: Are you able to distinguish between all your great-grandchildren, by name? Yes, he said.

Aunt Christine Deelmann, Mrs. Felix (Deelmann), died last. [year]. Uncle can you still read and see? If you can not understand it [the letter] send it to David, he will get it writen in English. If you write to us in English, we will have it translated here.

Gerhard and Anna (Rosskamp) Nieland Family, about 1945     

Many greetings from
Gerhard Nieland Family


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