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From Josef Nieland to Bernard Christopher Nieland, December 18, 1962
Von Josef Nieland an Bernard Christopher Nieland, 18. Dezember 1962

This letter is from the collection of Christina (nee Nieland) Weber. Franz Josef Nieland (1882-1972) of Osterfeld, Germany wrote the letter to his brother Bernard Christopher Nieland (1874-1965) in Minnesota. Bernard emigrated from Germany in 1895. He lived at first Breda, Iowa. Later the family moved to Minnesota. Their brother Herman Nieland (1885-1957) had included his German siblings in his will.

Transcribed by Hildegunde (Nieland) Gerwin and translated by Verena (Nieland) Sinnhuber.

Postmark:  Oberhausen - Rhein - Osterfeld, 12/19/62

Address: Bernard .C. Nieland, R. 4, St. Cloud, Minn., U.S.A.

Return address : Josef Nieland 42 Oberh. Osterfeld Michelstr 8 Germany

Oberhausen Osterfeld December 18, 1962

You dear ones all!

Christmas is standing at the door again and so I won't miss writing a few lines to you there. For you dear brother Bernhard some special trips(?). Hopefully you are well in spite of the advancing years we have to bear. Our sister Dina and I are doing well. We all have troubles to bear at our age.

I haven't been in Ramsdorf in a long time. Some weeks ago our brother Anton's daughters visited me. It was Josefa and Paula. We talked a lot about you and Hermann.  My dear brother, please write me again and, if you can't do it yourself any more, Christine should write [and tell us] how you are all doing,

I wish you and all you family members merry and blessed Christmas and a happy new year in 1963.

About the inheritance of our brother Hermann, it's still the same. Certainly Dina and I got a little more than 1000 dollars last year. The will says that selling the farm is only possible when everyone agrees to it. That would be first Dina and her children, then my children and me, then St. Bernard Seminary, then the executor Mr. Hess and his lawyer. I have written to our lawyer in Omaha that my sister and I grant St. Bernard Seminary the 1000 dollars per year and it will stay the same as long as my sister and I live and I don't know what's going to happen then.

Hope that everyone is well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 1963.

Brother and Uncle Josef

P.S. A hearty wish. Is the address correct? Otherwise I have to assume that the address is not correct. I have searched for the address a long time. When you get the letter, please answer.


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