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If you have family history information that you would be willing to share with your Wittrock relatives, please contact us. We are collecting newspaper clippings, obituaries, stories, biographical information — anything that you think might be of interest to the Wittrock clan. (If you send clippings published after 1930, please include the name of the newspaper and date of publication.) Thanks!


This Wittrock Family History page is a collection of facts, stories, records and lore about our Wittrock ancestors and kin.


Origin of the Wittrock Surname
Wittrock Family Farm in Brockdorf, Germany  
History of the Wittrocks in Brockdorf, Germany 
History of the Oldenburg Region

Obituaries and Portraits

Generation 9
Anton Henry Wittrock 1861–1923

Anna Sprenger (Mrs. Anton Henry Wittrock)  1870–1925
Theresa Wittrock (Mrs. Heinrich "Clements" Siemer) 1848–1944

Generation 10
Alberta Marcucci (Mrs. Mike Wittrock) 1919-2010
Anna K Wittrock (Mrs. Joe Lechtenberg) 1896–1983
Anton Smith (husband of Marie Wittrock) 1900–1970  
Anton Henry "Tony" Wittrock  1998–1976
Barbara Ann Ludwig (Mrs. Frank Wittrock) 1910–1999
Bernard "Ben" John Wittrock  1900–1956
Bernard Henry "Barney" Stallman 1885–1967
Edna Keithley (Mrs. Jake Stallman) 1897–1989
Elizabeth Wittry (Mrs. Tony Wittrock) 1908–1991
Eva J Thrasher (Mrs. Joe Stallman) 1892-1974 
Frank George Wittrock 1904–1966
George Werner (husband of Theresa Wittrock) 1911–2004
Gertrude Werner (Mrs. Ben Wittrock) 1909–2001
Hattie Bridge (Mrs. Barney Stallman) 1981–1986
Herman K "Kelly" Stallman 1889–1941  
Hilda H Scharnweber (Mrs. Herman "Kelly" Stallman 1897–1985
Jacob "Jake" Stallman 1891–1969
James Lewis Stallman 1926–1996
Jenny Stallman 1884–1970
Joseph Arkfeld (husband of Theresa Siemer) 1884–1967)  
Joseph Lechtenberg (husband of Anna Wittrock) 1887–1957  New
Joseph Nicols "Joe" Wittrock 1895–1947
Joseph Stallman 1887–1958
John A Wittrock  1908–1992
Katherine Alig (Mrs. Paul Wittrock) 1908–1995
Marie Cecelia Wittrock (Mrs. Anton Smith) 1906–1944  
Michael August Wittrock 1913–2008   
Paul Aloysious Wittrock  1902–1988
Rose Walburga Nieland (Mrs. Joe Wittrock)  1895–1935
Theresa May Wittrock (Mrs. George Werner) 1910–2005
Theresa Mary Siemer (Mrs. Joseph Arkfeld) 1889–1974
Teresa Coletta Smith (Mrs. John Wittrock) 1911–1998

Generation 11
Anna Mae Stallman (Mrs. Dale Anderson ) 1920–1990  
Anna Marie Schmitz (Mrs. Vincent Arkfeld) 1918-2001
Betty Jane Stallman (Mrs. David Boston) 1927–2004
Archbishop Leo C Arkfeld, S.V.D. 1912–1999 
Celestine Arkfeld (Mrs. Delbert J. Kohles) 1920–2007
Charles Anthony Wittrock 19392002  
Clarence J. Arkfeld 1920-2003
Clement G "Clem" Arkfeld 1922–2006 
Cletus Henry "CH" Wittrock 1917–2010
Clyde C Stallman 1928–1986  
Dale B Stallman 1920–1989
Donald James Wittrock 1933–1985
Dorothy Marie Smith (Mrs. Edward Ketterer) 1938–2010 
Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Wittrock (Mrs. Jay Brashear) 1936-1993 New
Eugene L "Gene" Pfeifer 1921–2009
Florence Mary Arkfeld (Mrs. Jacob Ohlinger) 1914-2006  
Frances Allene Lind (Mrs. James L Stallman) 1926–1989 
Gerald R Ryan (husband of Geneva Marie Wittrock) 1930–2008  
Geraldine Jeanette Crowel (Mrs. Edward Siegel) 1918–2004
Helen Charlene Nelson (Mrs. Henry John Wittrock)  
Henry J "Heinie" Herbers 1912-1991 
Herbert Joseph Wittrock 1919–1980
Irma "Jean" Russel (Mrs. Raymond Herbers) 1922–2003   
James Lewis Stallman 1926-1996  
John Robert Stallman 1922–2000 
Kaye Francis Pfeifer (Mrs. Merlin Leat) 1931–1999  
Lawrence G Wittrock 1925–1982
Leroy Bernard Wittrock 1929–1970
Lois M Pfeifer (Mrs. William Hazeltine) 1923–2000
Loretta Alig (Mrs. Cletus H Wittrock) 1916–2004  
Louis B Wittrock 1922–1993
Max M Pappe (husband of Mildred Wittrock) 1917–2002
Mildred Rose Wittrock (Mrs. Max Pappe)

Rita Florina Wittrock (Mrs. Stanley Forman) 1926–2009  
Sylvia Arkfeld (Mrs. Jerry Bissen) 1928-2008  
Samuel Obed Lovett (husband of Louise T Herbers) 1889–1969  
Stanley Emil Forman (husband of Rita Wittrock) 1921–2013 New
Sylvester Francis "Smitty" Smith 1934-2011  
Vera Eva Hortense (Mrs. Henry J Herbers) 1914-1997 
Willis Ross Stallman 1933–2002
Margie Lou Yost (Mrs. Herbert Wittrock) 1927-2012  New

Generation 12
David George Arkfeld 1957–1957
Gary A Anderson 1944–1987   
Herbert Clement "Herb" Reiser 1928-2011 New
James A Osback 1943–2005  
Jason Henry Wittrock 1974–1994 
Judith Ann Shott (Mrs. Don Pappe)  
Kristy Lyn Wittrock 1953–1984   
Larry Francis Wittrock 1961–2005
Linda Lou Boje (Mrs. Robert J. Arkfeld) 1947–2006
Michael Wayne Stroud 1958–2010
Philip Reiser (Rev. Fr.) 1926–1994)  New
Richard Joseph Weber 1960–2005  
Sandra Kay Zimmerman (Mrs. Lloyd C Stallman) 1960–1989 

Steve Anthony Smith 1960–1999  
Virginia Munchrath (Mrs. Joe Reiser) 1931-2007  New

Generation 13
Brad Lee Julian 1979–2008  
Kennethy Kremer Cornwell III 1958–1960  
Paul George Reiser 1952-2009  New
Paul "Tyler" Knecht 1983–2005 


1959 - World Famous 'Flying Bishop' of New Guinea


Henry Wittrock Homestead    
Henry Wittrock Naturalization   


1983 Letter from Bishop Leo Arkfeld to Ann Wittrock Lechtenberg    



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